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Summary of Learning

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Hi, #eci831, Daisy and I finally have finished our final project. Working on with the summary of learning has built-in an opportunity for me to tie up loose ends so that I can walk away with a deeper appreciation for what I learned from #eci831. We went through every section… Read more »

Learning Project – Alternatives to Advantages and Disadvantages

For this part 3 lesson in the IELTS speaking task, I learned how to discuss advantages and disadvantages. This is an important skill to learn because whenever you make a decision you must be able to compare the pros and cons. This lesson begins with the language that you can… Read more »

Social Media Activism in China Resulting From PM 2.5

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My concern is when the public built a sense of collective identity by claiming their right to know, the authority instantly inversed this trust crisis by identifying this campaign as the behaviour of collectivism and patriotism. People complimented the rapid response from the central government, but probably neglecting the way… Read more »

Learning Project- Learn How To Structure an Answer for IELTS Speaking Part 3

In this IELTS speaking course, I learned about structuring a well-organized answer. It uses a similar structure to writing a paragraph in an essay. As the snapshot shows above, the answer starts with a POINT, just like a topic sentence in an essay. You then go on to give a… Read more »

Learning Project -Making a Complaint in English

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This week I focused on the course “Making A Complaint”I decided to choose this topic because it is an important skill in order to: ensure satisfaction speak professionally gain better service for others Breakdown of Topic1. Structure of how to make a complaint2. A real-life example of a complaint3. Breakdown… Read more »

What I know about OER

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An open educational resource could be anything from an open website, video channel, market report to curriculum and much more. They are freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes. It’s all about ensuring that… Read more »