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Learning Project – Alternatives to Advantages and Disadvantages

For this part 3 lesson in the IELTS speaking task, I learned how to discuss advantages and disadvantages. This is an important skill to learn because whenever you make a decision you must be able to compare the pros and cons. This lesson begins with the language that you can… Read more »

Learning Project- Learn How To Structure an Answer for IELTS Speaking Part 3

In this IELTS speaking course, I learned about structuring a well-organized answer. It uses a similar structure to writing a paragraph in an essay. As the snapshot shows above, the answer starts with a POINT, just like a topic sentence in an essay. You then go on to give a… Read more »

Learning Project -Making a Complaint in English

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This week I focused on the course “Making A Complaint”I decided to choose this topic because it is an important skill in order to: ensure satisfaction speak professionally gain better service for others Breakdown of Topic1. Structure of how to make a complaint2. A real-life example of a complaint3. Breakdown… Read more »

Screencast my first Project -Approach and Answer an IELTS Speaking Question

Using a foreign language to explain how I learn this foreign language is challenging work, but it remains a rewarding process. listening to the recordings allows me to be exposed to those errors I am used to neglecting when talking in English. In this video, Camtasia was my tool to… Read more »