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Screencast my first Project -Approach and Answer an IELTS Speaking Question

Using a foreign language to explain how I learn this foreign language is challenging work, but it remains a rewarding process. listening to the recordings allows me to be exposed to those errors I am used to neglecting when talking in English. In this video, Camtasia was my tool to… Read more »

When facing quandaries of knowledge explosion, critical thinking matters

Both Michael Welsh and Pavan Arora stressed the importance of cultivating students’ critical thinking and argued that teachers should give priority to students’ problem-solving abilities while disseminating knowledge. The knowledge-ability proposed by Michael Wash probably reflects Aristotle’s Practical Wisdom. “Aristotle believed that wisdom was not for theoretical debate but for… Read more »

Major Learning Project-IELTS Academic Writing and Speaking Module

The language barrier has always been my biggest concern over the past year. Even though it has been one year since I came to Canada, I am still struggling with my English, particularly the ability of speaking and writing. Learning English is a life-long learning process, but, periodical progress can… Read more »

Social Media Has Been Changing the Way I live, I learn, I teach.

Social media has drastically changed my way of life, learning and teaching over the past 20 years. I’m still excited to think back to the moment I connected to my friend in the UK on Yahoo! Messenger. My friend showed me his dorm and sent a lot of photos of his school life through video chat. These photos enriched my presentation in an English class on “What is life for an international student like in London?” Also, Chat Room as an integral part of Yahoo Messenger served the purpose similar to what Quora partially is doing today,-a popular question-and-answer platform, where people around the world can post threads… Read more »