A journey of exploring blended learning

Our course in eci834 is coming to an end, but my journey on exploring EDTec would never stop and my passion for interweaving blended learning and teaching into my teaching practice would never be diminished. Previous courses in eci833 helped me move progressively toward a stronger understanding of concepts of education technology, and the entire process of eci834 has encouraged us to explore various tech tools,… Read more“A journey of exploring blended learning”

Walk #eci834 through our course prototype

COURSE OVERVIEW AND WALKTHROUGH To be honest, every class delivery in eci834 has being been a huge challenge to me, I even considered dropping this course, particularly when Alec asked us to design a course prototype , and this project even would cover the whole semester. I had never done that before, so I was scared I might have no adequate ability to finish this big… Read more“Walk #eci834 through our course prototype”

We emphasize Collaboration and Communication in our course shell.

In the process of designing our online courses, we were keeping emphasizing the importance of communication among students as well as between students and teachers, this is particularly an integral part of the asynchronous session. What forms of student/student-instructor interactions have you implemented? /What justification can you provide for choosing these forms of students interaction? After trying out several LMS, we ultimately decided to use Google… Read more“We emphasize Collaboration and Communication in our course shell.”

Response to your valuable feedback

The insightful feedback from my classmates is valuable to me and Sapna. We appreciate the time and effort you spent on our courses. We also surprisingly noticed that Dean and Amy had made such wonderful demonstrations in response to our course modules. Your contributions to our courses will undoubtedly improve our online course and inspire us to add some more interactive and motivative elements to our… Read more“Response to your valuable feedback”

Reflection on my teaching practice, blended learning employed.

Compared with the traditional teaching models, my attempts on the model of blended learning in college English teaching has some advantages, which can be summarized as follows: Blended learning can be used to extend the boundaries of learning so that learning can occur at any time,any place,and students can have alternative ways to learn. Blended learning can satisfy students'individualized needs and interests. With the aid of… Read more“Reflection on my teaching practice, blended learning employed.”

Educreations- an Interactive whiteboard allows teachers to DIY video lessons on the iPad

This week, we are asked to provide an overview of a selected tool which has the potential for stimulating teachers’ creativity in a blended teaching context. In the previous eci833, I have learned how to use Powtoon, screencastify and tried to combine them with Microsoft OneNote to facilitate my teaching practice in an online environment. But today I decided to explore a brand new tool which… Read more“Educreations- an Interactive whiteboard allows teachers to DIY video lessons on the iPad”

Course Profile: Foundation Of Mathematics by Vedic Math

Finished by Sapna and Husile Designing a course prototype is a big part for EC&I 834 in this semester, personally, this is a brand new exploration on the integration of tech with teaching, This is because, in China, most teachers have to follow the designated syllabus to give lectures offered by the school division. Working with Sapna not only allows me to acquire some new knowledge… Read more“Course Profile: Foundation Of Mathematics by Vedic Math”