Major Learning Project-IELTS Academic Writing and Speaking Module

The language barrier has always been my biggest concern over the past year. Even though it has been one year since I came to Canada, I am still struggling with my English, particularly the ability of speaking and writing.

Learning English is a life-long learning process, but, periodical progress can be a contribution to boost my confidence. The score of an IELTS test can be a measurement of how well you have invested in learning English and a higher score shows how much progress you have made.

Motivation and Investment are important factors when learning a language. Preparing an IELTS test could put me in an immersive environment of learning English. Nothing is a rapid approach to learn English except preparing an IELTS test if it doesn’t work, then do it again. So, finding and engaging a well-designed course can facilitate my preparation for the IELTS test.

Although all IELTS lectures on YouTube are free of charge, given that there is an absence of more systematic lectures, I enrolled in two paid courses on Udemy. Udemy provides an interactive learning platform, in which lecturers can give quick responses to learners’ inquiries and documents related to each course are accessible within the course platform.

In the following two weeks, I will take two courses simultaneously. Productive apps like “workflowy” and “onenotes” will help organize the train of thought about how I approach the writing/speaking topic as well as the collection of lexical resources and collocations. This period of input learning can be seen in my blog posts. Posts on the eci831 blog hub can serve the purpose of a corpus referring to the topic of technology and education. Words or expressions learnt from those articles will be highlighted in my assignments.

Also, I find two useful websites, which can improve my writing skills. One is “Quillbot”, it mainly provides a paraphrasing service. Driven by AI and an incredibly great amount of corpus, Quillbot can make my sentences more flexible. Another is “Hemingway APP“The Hemingway App can highlight and corrects the structure of grammar of my writing, helping my writing read and look better.

This blogpost experienced a period of correction of 4 hours to make the Readability score lower to Grade 10 from 14

I am planning to present every speaking topic in the course in a scenario emulating a real IELTS speaking test environment. the video recordings of my practices will also be posted on my blog as well as on Twitter. There will be two versions of each topic. The second version may walk you through what I have benefited from the course when comparing to the first draft one.

Towards the end of this semester, I probably will not take an IELTS test, because school assignments and term essay would consume much of time and energy. But all the hard work I am going to do over this course will have paid off in the near feature.