Summary of Learning

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Hi, #eci831, Daisy and I finally have finished our final project. Working on with the summary of learning has built-in an opportunity for me to tie up loose ends so that I can walk away with a deeper appreciation for what I learned from #eci831. We went through every section of our course and summarized in our summary of learning. It is also a process of assimilating and consolidating the knowledge from courses, and thus help me realize why what I learn matters whether that benefits my future learning or teaching practice. Daisy and I both chose the language learning as our learning project, so we discussed our take-way respectively, from which I also learned that no matter where you come from in the world and what reasons you have for learning new language, the challenges and the successes are common to everyone. It is definitely a process and it was helpful to me to realize that I am not alone in my journey and that with everyday I am one step ahead of where I was the day before. In addition, when forming my thoughts into words, Daisy has definitely served as an excellent ESL teacher. She helped me concise my sentences, which allows for more accurate expression. She also generated a great many brilliant ideas for designing and enriching our summary of learning. Working with Daisy has proved to be perfect collaborative learning whether it took place online or in person.