Padlet- Collaborate Better Be More Productive

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I choose to review Padlet as I found its effectiveness in online collaborative learning from our first course in eci831. For the past couple of weeks, I have applied it to my Mandarin classroom where Students’ engagement in learning established through collaboration and sharing ideas using Padlet.

Padlet is an online collaboration tool that allows you to quickly create a “story wall” with a simple drag-and-drop. The tool includes a rich set of templates and supports a real-time collaboration, which is ideal as an interactive gadget for teaching. In addition, Users can also add links, images, text, documents and video files in their wall and move them around freely like sticky notes on the wall.

In the classroom setting, Padlet works well with activities such as brainstorming, discussion and project work. Padlet leaves students a space in which their creativity and innovations generate and often bring the teacher a surprise. According to my limited experience of using it in my classroom, an open-ended topic can be used to encourage students to develop divergent thinking. In search of solutions, they can propose various assumptions on the Padlet wall and figure out the optimized plan. I also noticed that some students who disapprove of others felt more engaged in verifying their own solutions to convince the class than a traditional class discussion.

Padlet is also an instructional tool for enhancing students’ performance in language learning. Students post answers to questions from the instructor and all answers will be visible on the wall. Responses and feedback from the instructor are also visible. Therefore, students are able to look at errors and suggestions and apply them when writing their answers. Comments and corrections from the instructor and classmates can help students to reflect and allow for self-correction. By collecting those correct usage of phrases and vocabulary in students’ writing, a Padlet corpus surrounding the course contents can be achieved. This targeted corpus help students have a better understanding of newly acquired words or phrases as well as improve more active classroom participation.