Bring TED Talks to the classroom | 21st Century Reading


Hi readers, today I want to share an Open Educational Resource and how impactful it will be for the EFL students. As you know, each student (learner) has their own learning styles & habits. For those who are visual learners like myself, I’m able to absorb and learn by visual context (especially if it’s moving). 

TED talks are popular around the world, attracting more than 1 billion users. From each of its speeches, viewers can draw nutritious content and valuable ideas. Just like it advocates, “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TED connects the world through speeches and delivers more exciting ideas to the world.

From the perspective of an English learner, the content of TED Talks is a great English learning material, its topic is attractive. By watching the video of the speaker, you can appreciate the charm of language expression and enjoy the fun of English learning. The diversity of TED Talks topics provides learners with a wealth of English learning corpus, and its philosophy is in line with the National Geographic Learning philosophy of bringing the world into the classroom and connecting the classroom to life. Therefore, National Geographic chooses TED as a partner and select content suitable for language learning and develop a series of TED Talks-related English learning materials to bring the world of ideas into the classroom.

In a series of TED Talks English learning materials developed by National Geographic, 21st Century Reading is an excellent English language skills enhancement materials. Through learning, learners can integrate into the real context, extensively engage with in-depth global hot topics, and cultivate critical thinking and logical thinking skills.

How it Works

As it shows while teaching academic language, the course content incorporates topics and skills such as global awareness, digital literacy and critical thinking, which helps students enhance the knowledge and transferable skills necessary to succeed in a globalized society. The reading section subdivides the exercises into reading comprehension, reading skills, information fetching, etc., and attaches corresponding skill points after each part of the exercise to help students summarize the acquired knowledge from the exercises. The video part is based on different types of exercises, and the video material is clipped into different pieces. Whether it is to understand the gist, get the details, expand the vocabulary, there are detailed developments. Each topic is accompanied by relevant charts, develops students’ ability to get information from charts and prepare for language exams. Every module has an exercise that aims at developing students’ thinking mode from a wide range of perspectives. 

Overall. In the series of TED Talks English learning materials developed by National Geographic, the Reading series brings the ideas and opinions of TED speakers into the classroom, allowing learners to form an open mind and inspiring them to think from different perspectives, and encouraging them to express their opinions in English.