Learning Project- Learn How To Structure an Answer for IELTS Speaking Part 3

In this IELTS speaking course, I learned about structuring a well-organized answer. It uses a similar structure to writing a paragraph in an essay.

  • As the snapshot shows above, the answer starts with a POINT, just like a topic sentence in an essay.
  • You then go on to give a REASON for making that point
  • EXPLAIN the reasons, meaning use examples and support your reason
  • CONCLUDE your answer to show that you are finished

It provides an example of an answer to the question “What types of sports are popular in your country?” It shows each step in the answering process as is shown below.

Next, I will follow this format and provide two examples to demonstrate the skill of structuring an answer.

Do you think it’s only the mother’s responsibility to look after a child? Absolutely not. I think both the mother and father should be responsible for child-rearing. (State my point)
Undoubtedly, how they raise children is different. For example, dads may bring up their offspring in a more disciplined way, whereas moms tend to parent in a more loving way. (Reason and use example to explain)
Often, as a result of different parenting styles, you get a more well-rounded child. (Conclusion)

How have furniture styles changed in recent years?
In the past, furniture used to be more traditional. For example, it was made of wood and had unique detail. Nowadays, people tend to prefer more modern styles. Unfortunately, we now live in a society which buys things and then throws them away when they are bored with them. Our parents’ generation used to inherit furniture from their parents, whereas now we buy everything new. Therefore, not only has the styles of furniture changed, but the way we view furniture has as well.