Learning Project -Making a Complaint in English

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This week I focused on the course “Making A Complaint”
I decided to choose this topic because it is an important skill in order to:

  • ensure satisfaction
  • speak professionally
  • gain better service for others

Breakdown of Topic
1. Structure of how to make a complaint
2. A real-life example of a complaint
3. Breakdown of terms and phrases
4. General tips

From this course, I learned specifically
1. The structure of how to make a complaint
When it happened
Who you complained to
What you complained about
Why you were happy with the result

2. From an example of the real complaint made
Saw some specific grammar structures that are appropriate
Noticed transitional words that make for natural fluency in a complaint
Learned new vocabulary specific to a complaint

3. A detailed breakdown of all of the terms and phrases used in the complaint and other ways to use them.
For example: straight to bed
A phrase used all the time meaning you come in the house and go straight to bed, only stopping to do bedtime routines.

4. General Tips for Making a complaint
1. be thankful when they offer discounts to make it up to you.
2. compliment their customer service.
3. Key phrases to use
– apologetic
– compliementary
– brutally honest

Where To Go From Here
– research other complaints from Youtube

– use hashtag #customer #complaints on Twitter to enlarge real-life vocabulary and expressions

– practice writing and saying my own complaint.
Short Practice Complaint
If a waitor asked me “How is your steak cooked?”
I could say…
Unfortunately, I am not particularly happy with my steak. When I asked for medium steak, I expected it to be cooked with pink throughout in order to maintain the flavourful taste. However, you can see that it is so overcooked with no pink at all. I wasn’t expecting to be unhappy with my steak in this high-end establishment.

Short Practice Complaint Audio