Learning Project – School/ Education

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I was drawn to the lesson on school and education because it is relevant to what I am pursuing at university so I was hoping to enrich my language in terms of education.

The lesson started by explaining the variety of school systems. I found this particularly helpful because in China the schools are categorized completely different. I am constantly struggling to determine which phrases to use when describing the Canadian school system. I did notice that some of the terms used in this lesson are more geared toward British education such as “day pupil”. This has made me aware of the fact that when using the IELTS speaking course I need to recognize that some terms are not Canadian terms.

Another thought that came to mind as I listened to this lesson was that certain subject names are different from their counterparts in Chinese. For example, the subject of science in China would be translated into math for elementary students.

Next, the lesson moves on to teach various collocations appropriate in education such as to have a heavy workload meaning having a lot of work to do.

If I could critique this lesson I would have liked to see an example of a paragraph describing school or education.

So in this audio, I recorded how I responded to one IELTS speaking test topic and in my response, I tried to use what I have learnt from this week’s course on Udemy and complementary materials on Youtube.