Learning Project – Weather

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On this course of IELTS, I was learning about the weather and how to speak properly when describing the weather. I thought that this would be a good skill to learn because, in Canada, especially Saskatchewan, people often speak about the weather.

The lesson begins with explaining some common idioms that are used to describe the weather, such as beblow freezing and not a cloud in the sky. It also shows a variety of ways to describe a weather type to expand your vocabulary. Finally, it goes on to provide useful sentences to use when speaking about the weather.

I found this lesson helpful because when it comes to the topic of weather, I do not have the vocabulary repertoire that I need to effectively describe the weather. I know that a few words are not adequate for a variety of weather that exists in Canada. By doing this lesson, It encourages me to practise using new vocabulary to expand my language when describing weather conditions.

In this audio, I give responses to four questions which normally mentioned in the IELTS speaking test. Vocabulary and parts of train of thoughts came from collections of websites.