Reflection on my Learning Project

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After completing my training with the IELTS program on Udemy I think it would be useful to reflect on my progress and challenges. Since I recognize that speaking English is an ongoing struggle for me I had hoped that this program would prove beneficial in my language development.

I realize that completing this course does not mean the end of my language learning journey and that I cannot simply put it aside. It is a process to acquire and improve a new language and I need to ensure that I continue to practice and develop my English. Every step that I take is moving me toward more effective English. I know that I need to aim toward speaking in a way that native speakers do and no matter how much I study grammar and authentic lexical resources I will still have trouble doing that.

I have found that online courses are one very effective tool for language learners. No matter where they are located they will be able to receive professional instructional tutoring. Oftentimes, they are free of charge or offered at a very low cost. The language is presented effectively and in a professional manner. Users can also deepen their understanding by utilizing other resources like hashtag or Youtube. Online courses are an excellent starting point for language learners from a basic level all the way to advanced.

However, there are still some limitations to learning project, First of all, there is no section of language communication. In order to acquire a language it requires practice – especially in the area of speaking, Developing language requires skills to be practiced and communicated instantly in order to gain feedback and be able to make corrections. Simply watch videos and leaning tips does not make a person fluent in a language.

In conclusion, the IELTS program on Udemy has shown me another perspective of how language can be learned in a well-organized way. It is a resource that I could use to assist my development of language and I can use it to help my own students in China find alternate resources to use in their language acquisition and enhance engagement of learning.