Quizlet helps learn vocabulary but teachers should intervene more than ever before.

For English learners, vocabulary greatly influences listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as communicative competence. With the popularity of computers and the Internet, a lot of English learning software emerge at the right moment. Compared with traditional vocabulary learning, using Quizlet, a kind of online digital flashcards for vocabulary learning, to learn vocabulary not only breaks though the limitation of time and space but also makes vocabulary learning more personalized.

The general functions of Quizlet can be divided into three parts: build vocabulary flashcards, study flashcards, play game. If you want to create flashcards, you can search the target words shared by others within the Quizlet, or you can do in all by yourself. In order to visualize and audio the definition of target words, you can upload pictures or recordings. Eventually, you can share your flashcards with others ans allow other people can edit your flashcards.


A couple of years earlier, I introduced Quizlet into my classroom, and my students hold positive attitudes, A one students said, “Quizlet allows me to take the most advantage of fragmented time, and whenever I am free, I can just use mobile phone to learn vocabulary online”.Most students think that Quizlet makes it more convenient for them to learn vocabulary beyond time and space. In addition, While encouraging my students to use Quizlet, I was thinking over questions in the process of the implication of Quizlet.

  1. What kind of vocabulary learning strategies do the students to choose when they use Quizlet to learn vocabulary?
  2. What are attitudes that they hold to Quizlet-assisted vocabulary learning? and what is their experience of the whole learning  process?
  3. Is there any correlation between vocabulary learning strategies and vocabulary test result?

An online questionnaire was posted after two months which indicated that for 1st question, the overall levels of my students vocabulary learning strategies are relatively high, and most of them can employ several different kinds of strategies. From the aspect of three dimensions for vocabulary learning strategies, the meta cognitive strategies have higher frequency than cognitive strategies, and social strategies are less frequently used.What’s more, the top five frequently used vocabulary learning strategies are vocabulary exercise and games, sharing, contextualization, looking up dictionary, self-monitoring, while the five least frequently used vocabulary learning strategies are keyword, association, reward encourage, cooperation, advance plan. For second question, students’ attitudes towards Quizlet are studied from how listening, speaking, reading and writing assist vocabulary learning, The results show that students hold positive attitudes towards listening and reading, while the assistance od speaking and writing in vocabulary learning needs to be improved. Students’ experience of Quizlet is studied from the perspectives of usability, usefulness,and enjoyment, Overall, students are satisfied with these three perspectives, but there are still some imperfections in Quizlet which needs immediate improvements, For instance hwo to better use Quizlet to stimulate students’ interest in vocabulary learning. For third question, I used SPSS to analyze the correlation between vocabulary learning strategies and vocabulary achievement, and the results showed that strategies of pronunciation rules, translation, question for clarification, and reward encouragement are strongly correlated with the vocabulary test scores, What’s more, the strategies of self-evaluation, selective attention, association, contextualization, and effective control are correlated with vocabulary achievement.

Based on my students’ responses and the questionnaire results, I summarized the tryout of Quizlet implication, and my reflections as followed.

Many students use the vocabulary learning strategies out of habit and instinct, and they haven’t realized that the combination of different strategies will make a big difference on their vocabulary learning. Meanwhile, teachers can introduce some vocabulary learning tools to activate students’ interest in vocabulary learning and deliver more systematic training on vocabulary learning strategies for students.