Reflection on my teaching practice, blended learning employed.

Compared with the traditional teaching models, my attempts on the model of blended learning in college English teaching has some advantages, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Blended learning can be used to extend the boundaries of learning so that learning can occur at any time,any place,and students can have alternative ways to learn.
  2. Blended learning can satisfy students'individualized needs and interests. With the aid of computer and network,they can plan their study and choose their learning speed according to their different starting points. What is more, information on the internet is rich, colorful and interesting, which can motivate them to learn actively and happily.
  3. Students can acquire knowledge systematically and have opportunities to apply what they have learned. While learning online, students absorb a wide range of information and knowledge. They need to prioritize the new knowledge at their present English level. This can be realized in face-to-face classroom learning. By checking students’ work teachers can not only have a general idea of their students’ learning situation but also highlight the key points of each unit. Furthermore, teachers can introduce more related information about the unit and increase the level of interaction with students so that students can apply what they have learned into practice.
  4. Blended learning is a combination of the required content learning and self-assessed learning, which demands students to manage their own learning on the internet. After finishing the required work, they can learn whatever they are interested in. So they need to have learning objectives and clear plans, set learning speed to promote their autonomous learning.
  5. Blended learning provides more language input and output opportunities. Students can have more chances to get comprehensive authentic language input and to produce language output. Students are involved in the learning activities both in the classroom environment and online. The enhanced input and output opportunities are conductive to students’ mastery of language and the increase of their communicative competence.
  6. Blended learning can create a favorable and harmonious learning environment, it provides rich learning resources and changes the traditional teaching content and form; collaborative learning and inquiry learning in blended learning encourage students to be initiative and creative. Students can learn whatever they are interested in, and have a lot more interactions than in the traditional teaching model and more emotional exchanges than in the elearning setting. Besides, prompt feedback from teachers and peers can also be very helpful to maintain students’ motivation.

However, when a new teaching model is introduced, the elements of teachers and students should be first taken into consideration. Teachers’ updated teaching concepts, the improved teaching technology as well as students’ language proficiency and learning awareness should be greatly highlighted in the process of constructing the model of blended learning in college English teaching.