Response to your valuable feedback

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The insightful feedback from my classmates is valuable to me and Sapna. We appreciate the time and effort you spent on our courses. We also surprisingly noticed that Dean and Amy had made such wonderful demonstrations in response to our course modules. Your contributions to our courses will undoubtedly improve our online course and inspire us to add some more interactive and motivative elements to our online learning community. So in this post, I am about to focus on those questions that were posted and try to find solutions, thereby helping refurbish our course.

Providing students with a screencast explanation video is a great idea. I once considered encouraging students to use chrome’s extension -screencasting as their way of submitting demonstrations, but I was worried that not all students have tablets and styluses. I guess most people have a bad experience when pushing a mouse around a desk, so we decided to employ Flipgrid. Your advice is very instructive, we were supposed to provide a video tutorial when the course shell was created for students to illustrate how to use Flipgrid when submitting their assignments. Through further exploration of the Flipgrip, we found that Flipgrid allows instructors to share student videos to Google Classroom. This is a great feature. Under the permission of students, we can share those excellent demonstration videos with the rest of the students. Isn’t this a very effective incentive in our LMS?

Our thought is to use Google form to collect the problems what they were struggling with when viewing the video instruction and then to pick up those major problems which confused most students. In the following synchronous session (will use Zoom conferencing), we are going to solve these common problems for students besides scheduled classroom delivery. If time permits, we will answer questions for individual students. Like what Alec normally does when our synchronous session is done. Or we can record a video for students in Flipgrid in response to individuals. In addition, considering our class content and its target students group, we are inclined to give the priority to formative assessment. We hope that our overall online learning concept could pay more attention to students’ understanding of teacher guidance, and to enhance supportive feedback between teachers and students, students and students. I think such a formative assessment strategy may provide students with a chance to practice skill development.

I do benefit a great through the entire process of designing our courses. When Sapna introduced the concept of Vedic Math to brainstorm our course profile, I was intoxicatingly fascinated with its brilliant tactics on approaching math problems. According to my understanding, in order to entice a student who is scared of math or hasn’t had the best experience with math, to start with, instructors may consider developing students’ ability to explore various tactics on how to approach the problem. Verdic Math adheres to a philosophy that Math problems can be easily solved with simple and logical steps. Just imagine a scenario, when others are feeling struggled and increasingly frustrated about figuring out the answers, you have taken a different path, which inspires you with a very short and sweet solution, you are gonna love math! The reason is that you have conquered mathematics. You are already immersed in the thrill of conquest…