Walk #eci834 through our course prototype

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To be honest, every class delivery in eci834 has being been a huge challenge to me, I even considered dropping this course, particularly when Alec asked us to design a course prototype , and this project even would cover the whole semester. I had never done that before, so I was scared I might have no adequate ability to finish this big project. Today, when I sat in front of the computer screen, looking at our final walkthrough video, which was rendering to the end, my eyes flow with tears, so emotionally … (truth is my eyes were just feeling uncomfortable for keeping looking at the screen for almost 18 hours).


Anyway, we made it… We made it…
I had never imagined that I could be a math teacher, what’s even more amazing is that I was using English to teaching mathematics. Thank You, Sapna, best project partner ever.
And One more thing I have to acknowledge that the pressure and passion are definitely the strongest catalyst for your potentials and innovation.

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For this week’s blog post, we were asked to produce a course walkthrough, final overview of our course prototype which consists of the creation process. An overview of the creation process which includes links to our posts we wrote related to our prototype this semester, as well as including the link for our course profile.  Posted below are links to previous blog posts that reveal the developing process of our course prototype throughout this semester and course Walkthrough video.

Our Google Classroom —— Vedic Maths

Course Profile: Foundations of Mathematics by Vedic Math

Our Response to Feedback

We emphasize Collaboration and Communication in our course shell

A Collaborative Outcome in #eci834 — Course Prototype Walkthrough

Our Course Foundation of mathematics by Vedic Math is designed to assist students to recognize their hidden potential, improve their mathematical abilities and also drastically enhance their academic performance and ultimately eradicate Math-Phobia. Learning mathematics must be a fun and joyful experience and this course are designed to serve that purpose. Nowadays the primary concern of most students and parents have about online courses and classes is that they lack communication between students and teacher, time management and discipline to do the work because everyone thinks that they don’t have an instructor watching over them to make sure they are following the lessons and completing their assignments. When it comes to a math course and that too, which is delivered completely online then the fear and anxiety doubles. Our main concern while planning this course was to address this issue and in our course, students are surely not on their own, bouncing around the coursework. They have a comprehensive course outline and accessible teachers to interact with via Google Classroom, Zoom, and Flipgrid to help them run the course, not get run over by it!

I must acknowledge the fact that the creation of our course modules was time consuming and was quite challenging. We had to meet several times to discuss our course of action and planning. We encounter a lot of hurdles, challenges and technical difficulties but, it was a rewarding process, in a way, this course does help me overcome the math-phobia.


I surprisingly noticed that I started to engage myself in the process of approaching problems. Thank You, Sapna, If you were my math teacher when I was at middle school, I guess I could have more career options than present, LOL. Seriously, I really want to be a Veterinarian.


After the creation of our basic course shell and module 1 and 2 we were pretty confident that we would get a positive feedback in our peer response and when the results were out, we were very happy and pleased with the feedback we received. we feel that the whole peer review process was very helpful and gave us some ideas about how we can better our course. 

We received mostly positive feedback from our classmates for our Modules 1 and 2 but with some helpful suggestions like adding subtitles for pre-class videos, few minor changes in introduction video, adding more visuals in pre-class videos, like circling which digits we were calculating at different times. We have implemented their suggestions in our modules 3 and 4 by adding more visuals in pre-class videos, a new and detailed Introduction video, subtitles for pre-class videos. Mission accomplished!

Overall, I am very happy and satisfied with what I learned this semester. Never in my life, I had thought that I would be designing an online course and thanks to this course that I have finally designed one.  I’ve learned a lot about LMS platforms, online and blended learning, creating digital content, digital resources. I think that I am fortunate to have been a part of such a wonderful course and supportive classmates. Even though this course is coming to an end, I wish all of you the best of luck in your final tasks and summary of learning!

And We appreciate all your feedback and your responses to our courses.