Due to the limitation of the age, any theory may go rigid

After Neil Postman (1985) warned that “whether particular technologies teach students their ABCs and how to count is of minor importance compared what they teach students about learning and schooling, technology has experienced a significant change and continues to progress with an astounding pace. Technology is not constrained to the… Read more »

Extensions provide more opportunities for both me and students acquiring authentic English

In order to improve students’ English proficiency and accuracy, I am always seeking those authentic materials to enhance this process. When it comes to learning English, there will be a notion that learners are supposed to simulate those speaking or using authentic expressions. As I mentioned in my last post,… Read more »

What types of teaching and learning are best explained by constructivism

After completing my readings, I identify my teaching philosophy as constructivism. Looking back at the beginning of my teaching career, I was striving to integrate constructivism learning philosophy into my classroom. As quote by Peggy A. Ertmer and Timothy J. Newby (cited in Bednar et al., 1991) “An essential concept… Read more »

There is “no best apps” but an innovative idea in Education Technology

When the term “TPACK” had been mentioned in last class, it reminded me of a piece of conversation between me and my wife. It runs as follows: My wife:  If we would have children some time in the future, do you think it’s necessary to send them to  “after-school” classes…. Read more »